Perfekt Unperfekt

This piece was performed in November 2018 at the Theater Pforzheim.

choreography: Guido Markowitz, Damian Gmür



Danced inclusion in the jewellery museum.
Sophie Hauenherm, paraplegic, is integrated into the performances of the ballet ensemble in the Schmuckmuseum and dances an outstanding guest role. 


In depth, the production deals with current themes of the time: narcissism, the experience of rapidity and the question of the possibility of authentic life. As a guest, the ballet dancer Sophie Hauenherm from Dresden dances.

It is already the fourth production to be co-authored by Guido Markowitz and Damian Gmür and their second joint production at the Pforzheim Theatre. With “Perfekt unperfekt” at the Schmuckmuseum, ballet director Markowitz continues his series, which began three years ago, of placing productions in unusual places in the city and region. Former venues were the Schloss- und Abtiftskirche St. Michael and the Emma-Jaeger-Bad.

The ironic title of the ballet evening refers to moments of imperfection in everyday life. In recent weeks, Markowitz and Gmür have been searching for traces of this theme of “true beauty”, but also linked to it, the theme of one’s own survival, independence and self-worth, in the rooms of the Jewelry Museum.

In their jointly conceived and choreographed creation, space, jewellery, body and dance enter into thought-provoking, hybrid, often dynamic, then pausing dialogues of bodies that depict beauty in the rush hour of life and at the same time visit it in contrast to it. Because the wheel of time is spinning faster and faster. Who has the courage to be different? The complex, highly dynamic choreography approaches in multi-faceted highlights the (hidden) beauty of the imperfect, which makes us what we are: unique individuals. “Jewelry serves as a central symbol and point of friction, it lasts forever, while dance is fleeting”, Markowitz and Gmür say, and further: “Jewelry symbolizes connection and eternity, and is at the same time fragile. He talks about the vulnerability of human beings. We are interested in these areas of tension. «

Sophie Hauenherm performs as guest dancer of the ensemble. Sophie Hauenherm completed a stage dance training at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden. She starts her first engagement since her graduation in Pforzheim. Katharina Andres is responsible for the costume design.

The production is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. 

dancers: Elias Bäckebjörk, Stella Covi, Leon Damm, Ria Girard, Sophie Hauenherm (a.G.), Abraham Iglesias, Selene Martello, Eleonora Pennacchini, Alba Valenciano, Evi van Wieren and Dario Wilmington

costume: Katharina Andes