Behind human understanding

This solo was performed by me for my bachelor’s degree at the Palucca School of Dance in June 2018. This choreography was also shown at various events, such as medical congresses in Leipzig and Mannheim, the AIDS Gala in Pforzheim and the Benefit Gala of Lukas Stern e.V. in Chemnitz.


closing dance

Ballet is Sophie Hauenherm’s life. After her serious illness, she reinvents herself as a dancer. 

Sophie Hauenherm’s bachelor thesis looks explosive. It literally crackles in the dance hall of the Palucca University as the 18-year-old takes her place on stage. The young woman is a dancer like her classmates, but she doesn’t dance like them. Sophie is in a wheelchair after a serious illness. What her legs can no longer do, the rest of her body is now doing even more intensively. Sophie doesn’t need her legs to express what she wants to say.