This production will take place in autumn 2022 in the Kulturhaus in Steinfurth.

choreography: Barbara Buck

22 / 23 october 7pm

Kulturhaus Steinfurth
Dorfstraße 15, 17495 Karlsburg, Deutschland 


Real-time composition and dance performance with interactive projection
Project development and rehearsals at the Kulturhaus Steinfurth
Performances in the Treckerschuppen

Internal peace is generally spoken of in the context of personal development. Under the influence of natural disasters and war, the question arises as to how we can find peace and balance on the different levels of life, also in a wider context. How do we personally contribute to social peace and social justice, maintain peace and equality between countries and strike a balance between nature and man on earth?
Individual and social development are mutually dependent, i.e. self-responsibility for what we make of our lives, what space we give to other people for their development and how we shape our relationship with nature. In the project, the questions of how we get into balance, how we lose it, what disturbs or enables our inner peace are to be answered musically and danceally.

This becomes visible in the stage installation, unstable and movable. The stage surface can be opened from the horizontal to a wall.
The dancer Sophie has lost an important part of her learned and trained dance expression due to paraplegia. She searches for new forms of expression and body language outside of dance traditions, her own imprint and personal experience.
Hanging, climbing, rocking and dancing, she approaches a dancing balance.
Interactive projections with animated graphics reflect inner and outer reality.
Letting go on a shaky stage, torn back and forth by music and pictures, the dancer finds and loses her balance and finds her again.
It is a never-ending individual and social process.
From other projects we have learned how great the interest of the public in an exchange is. Especially when it comes to issues that affect and affect everyone.
In Pata Divono, the last production.B. we have addressed our relationship to transience and mortality. In the audience discussions, the experiences of the abstract artistic process and the life experiences of the audience could be juxtaposed. It was an enriching experience for both sides.
The Balance performances will also be followed by such conversations.

Mathias Bartoszewski

choreography: Barbara Buck
music: Fabian Suske / Elisa Bartoszewski 
dance: Sophie Hauenherm