RTL doumentation

For years Sophie Hauenherm has been working towards her big dream: to become a professional dancer. When the dream is close at hand, fate strikes. Sophie comes to a hospital with unbearable back pain. An abscess is pressing on her nerves. It needs to be removed. The doctors succeed, but the dancer wakes up without feeling in her legs. She is paraplegic and will never be able to walk again, according to the diagnosis. But it’s only on paper and not carved in stone. Sophie succeeds in the impossible and runs again a few months later. How she managed this and whether her dance dream has not yet been shattered, you can see in the video.

interview by Eucrea

 "Ich denke auch, es muss keine drastische Erfahrung notwendig sein, um ein bisschen mehr Wertschätzung und Dankbarkeit im Alltag zu erfahren. Wir haben halt – wenn man davon ausgeht – dieses eine Leben, und am Ende des Tages möchte ich wissen, dass ich Dinge für mich gemacht habe. Dinge, die mich wirklich erfüllt haben."

Stiftung Löwenbrücke


Supply of technical textiles for a harmonious movement in everyday life and for an integrative participation in the profession with passion.